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Our Team


Sonia Mehta


Sonia Mehta is from Central Ohio. She is an editor for the Polyphony Lit magazine and an intern at the BreakBread Literary Project. Sonia started writing as a child, and by high school, she still loved the beauty of poetry and prose. Her stories have been published in the Secret Attic, Blue Marble Review, and Apprentice Writer, the Cathartic Youth Literary, and Ice Lolly Review magazines. Sonia has been nationally and regionally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania this fall.


Jadyn Miller


Jadyn Miller is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She has been immersed in the world of music since childhood and has always had a love for the vocal arts. Through songwriting, Jadyn mixes her passion for music and literature.


Meryl LaRue


Meryl LaRue is from Central Ohio. She has long since had a love for creative writing, beginning her artistic journey by submitting to and winning competitions such as the Power of the Pen contest. Reading, writing, and editing allow her to continue the love she found for the art in childhood.


Bea Bolongaita


Bea Bolongaita is a poet from Dublin, OH. Her poetry has been recognized by the Ohio Poetry Association and been published in PCC Inscape Magazine. She is the recipient of a National Poetry Medal from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She studied creative writing at the Kenyon Review Young Writers' Workshop in July 2019. When not writing, Bea enjoys doing mock trial, playing the violin, and lurking on Spotify. In the fall, she will be a freshman at Kenyon College.


Jordan Jones


Jordan Jones is from Central Ohio. She has developed her intense love for reading from a young age and is always developing as a writer. She co-founded and runs her school's book club, and she is very passionate about writing and literature.


Gaby Weber


Gaby Weber is from Central Ohio. She has been an active writer since childhood, starting with simple diaries but progressed to more elaborate stories along with research study articles. She has a true love of reading and exploring new material that allow her to better herself as a writer. In her free time, Gaby enjoys running, listening to music, and playing the piano. Continuing to read and write allow Gaby to channel her passion and grow not only as a writer but as an individual.


Kaitlyn Leonard


Kaitlyn Leonard is from Central Ohio. Since her early years, she has had a passion for creative writing. She has continued to work on creative writing throughout high school and is always open to new ideas. Outside of school, Kaitlyn loves to spend her time both coaching and playing ice hockey.


Arushi Paul


Arushi Paul is from Central Ohio. She has always been fascinated with literature, especially using writing as a force of activism. She is the founder of a non-profit that has raised money for women affected by domestic violence. She also combines her passion for music and literature by writing music since the age of 5.


Emma Kim


Emma Kim is from Central Ohio. She has been reading and writing stories from the age of three and has always had an interest in visual arts, especially portraiture. Emma has fostered her creativity and writing skills into her high school career by publishing several research papers on medical issues for her high school and for Health Occupations Students of America. Emma continues to pursue her love for writing through journaling and her favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice.


Kareena Jain


Kareena Jain is from central Ohio. She has been interested in all types of the artistic forms from reading to creative writing to music to even painting since a very young age. On top of this, she loves to run and travel and especially loves to meet new people.

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